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Our Boldly Innovative Technology Influences The Global Discussion On Industrial Environmental Impact.

We are proud to be CSA A660-10 and CSA A277 certified. CSA A277 refers to the procedure for certification of prefabricated buildings, modules and panels.

CEGEN offers three lines of service:

1. Industrial Noise Reduction

CEGEN offers a comprehensive noise mitigation catalogue that features both traditional and new carbon negative materials.  We also offer comprehensive Noise Impact Assessments.

2. Clean Energy Genset

CEGEN has developed a revolutionary clean solution to recapture existing energy and cycle it back through operations while decreasing costs and environmental footprints.

3. Industrial Enclosures

Whether you need to protect your assets from the environment or protect the environment from your assets, we have your answer. From weather canopy over your compressor, workforce housing, crypto mining pods, to full noise control packages with engineered ventilation, we will design, manufacture and erect your solution. 

SEED Structures

CEGEN is proud to design and build sustainable structures.

Resilient and Cost Effective

Using steel skids as a foundation, a SEED structure features steel panel-formed walls and ceilings.  High R values, flexible configurations, and limitless design options, a SEED structure is an ideal solution for remote camps and other commercial applications.  To learn more, click below:

Data Centers 

We also offer cost-effective, environmentally friendly data centers.

  • Low per square foot cost.

  • Reduced environmental emissions.

  • Fast to market.

  • Flexibility: small square footage, portable design options.

  • Efficient operation.

Crypto Mining Noise Control

Our Decibel Destroyer reduces the noise footprint of legacy crypto mining facilities.

A simple solution to legacy crypto mine applications.

CEGEN's Community Impact

Every CEGEN Project Has A Positive Impact On the Community - See Video Below To Learn How We Do This:  

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Leadership

CEGEN Projects All Support And Advance Our Corporate ESG Goals.



We work with a supplier base that prioritizes environmental impact mitigation manufacturing. CEGEN's noise control, industrial enclosure, and clean energy generation products meet or exceed all government environmental impact regulations. Our products are designed to reduce carbon emissions, decrease environmental footprints, and work in harmony with emerging legislation. 



CEGEN is committed to using local suppliers to design, engineer, and fabricate industrial enclosures. We seek, wherever possible, to supply our clients with products manufactured close to home. CEGEN partners with local associations (food banks) and First Nation communities to give back and to stimulate economic growth.



Sustainability is a core CEGEN value and each project is an opportunity for us to demonstrate this value with our clients. CEGEN also works closely with all levels of government to support sustainability legislation and related programs. 

Our Approach to Clean Energy Generation

CEGEN's Clean Energy Genset Captures Exhaust Wind To Generate Power

Industry Insights

CEGEN regularly contributes to global thought leadership on various topics related to lowering industrial environmental impact.

Clean Energy Genset

CEGEN's Clean Energy Genset technology captures industrial exhaust wind, and generates microgrid power - all without increasing emissions, physical footprint, or adverse operational impact.

About Us

CEGEN Green Energy was "born" in February 2016, over a few drinks between friends. An intriguing story that started with napkin drawings, a partnership hand shake and great discussion on breaking new ground. We had a garage for an office, remained fully self-financed, and stayed lean and focused. Two years of research and development, designers, engineers, patent and business lawyers, fund raising, prototype testing, marketing, innovation contests and very long hours has brought CEGEN to where we are today. We originally described ourselves as the "disrupters of the energy industry," but we were wrong. You are the disrupters of the industry - the risk takers that see potential for change, improvement and are willing to commit. The early adopters of new technologies are the industry heroes, trendsetters, the disrupters, and CEGEN is extremely excited to play a part in that change. 

Globally Recognized, Award Winning

CEGEN is the proud recipient of numerous industry awards.


Industrial Noise Guarantee

We are proud to offer our clients a limited noise guarantee:  CEGEN guarantees that our equipment will perform as well as or better than our published performance tables, and/or your project will meet or exceed its noise targets based on vetted acoustical engineering and applicable regulations.* 

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