Powering the Exhaust Wind Energy Recapture Revolution

CEGEN has developed a revolutionary clean energy genset to recapture industrial exhaust wind. CEGEN's solution generates ample clean electricity to bring independence to operations, or, at minimum, supplement power consumption, all while reducing CO2 footprints.


Clean Energy Providing Grid-free Independence

Our technology can generate enough clean energy from equipment's wasted clean air to bring grid-free independence to a variety of facilities and infrastructure.


Zero Environmental Impact

Zero net increase in facility CO2 footprint, bridging the gap between fossil fuel and green energy. Locked in costs as low as $0.05 per kW/H and possibly contribute to your carbon credit plan. Imagine - clean energy for industrial, commercial, and in some cases residential sites, all without an environmental impact.


Lowered Footprint

Easy-to-install, proven technology that is customizable to many gas compressor coolers and HVAC applications. No additional physical footprint, requiring no change in your facility's size or layout. This means lower install and property costs and encroachment.


Engineered for Efficiency

Unique application with Savonius style turbine design achieves a significantly higher efficiency rate (from 15% to more than 80% efficiency) with lower wind turbulence. Better designed, more reliable equipment. Extremely low performance impact on the Cooler or HVAC application.


Retrievable Resource

CEGEN's clean genset is not dependent on environmental conditions to consistently meet its highest efficiencies. Nor is it impacted by the remoteness of a location, nor does it negatively impact the environment or wildlife. There is no aesthetic pollution, including the creation of additional noise. The genset generates enough green power to be your primary power source in many applications.


Clean Fuel Source

A true green alternative solution that does not burn natural gas, oil, or fossil fuels of any kind. No net increase to your GHG footprint. Moves beyond green energy to clean energy.



A complete set of data is captured to provide rich analytical capabilities.  The data drives insights about the energy captured, performance of site equipment, and allows you to proactively conduct maintenance to reduce cost and downtime.


Indigenous Nation Partnership

All CEGEN clean genset products and related services can be offered through our Indigenous Nation partnership.

CEGEN's Clean Energy Genset


Flexible Financing Arrangements


Clients can purchase one or more units outright.


Clients can lease one or more units using flexible, convenient, and cost effective arrangements.

Power Purchase Agreement

Clients can purchase the power generated by the CEGEN unit; and / or participate in the power revenues derived.

CEGEN's Clean Energy Genset

Capturing Industrial Exhaust Wind to Create Clean Power

Clean Energy Genset


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