Industrial Noise Abatement

CEGEN has deep experience in lowering the noise footprint of Natural Gas upstream, midstream and downstream facilities, power generation, mining and most industrial noise situations. With many years of expertise and commitment to innovation, we bring answers to industrial noise challenges. We offer a large catalogue of designs to meet from low risk to highly sensitive noise situations. CEGEN has options for both traditional high performing absorptive mineral fibre or a new offering in high performing carbon negative materials. We can also manufacture all products and offer all services through our Indigenous Nation partnership.


Cooler Noise Suppression

Engineered for optimal heat removal. Ensures doors and windows remain closed in all ambient conditions. 


Engine Exhaust Silencers

CEGEN offers a complete line of Silex/GT mufflers. Superior exhaust noise silencing to meet your needs. Best catalogue of noise control products. CEGEN's catalogue meets both performance and economic requirements.


Vertical Fan Silencer Packages

Self supporting modular design. Low back pressure >0.20 iwg combined. Cooler Silencer Lite (50% of cost of standard). Standard inlet attenuation of +45dB. Standard exhaust attenuation of +40dB. Standard wall STC30. Natural Renewable Acoustical batt and crete  options for higher attenuation and negative carbon footprint.


Engine Air Intake Silencers

Acoustically engineered to attenuate high and low frequencies. Designed and sized to meet unique combustion air and back pressure requirements.


Acoustical Pump Enclosures

Sample 1: Custom built to your needs with open front, no floor, 8’L x 8’W x 5’H enclosure and (1) louver, 3’W x 3’H.  3-sided rigid HSS support frames with galvanized unpainted panels.


Acoustical Pump Enclosures

Sample 2.

Project Gallery

Noise Impact Assessments

CEGEN conducts thorough and comprehensive Noise Impact Assessments (NIA) to help you understand the noise levels in and around your facility.  The NIA identifies areas for corrective action in order to remain in regulatory compliance.    

Step 1


Establish analysis methodology and identify assumptions.

Step 2


Establish noise model parameters. 

Step 3


Measure and model the actual sound power results.

Step 4


Predict noise levels by plotting a noise contour map of the study area. 

Step 5


Rank sound levels and sources from highest to lowest.

Step 6


Report results and provide suggested noise lowering actions.

CEGEN's Noise Control Catalogue

Silex Innovations


Industrial Noise Guarantee

We are proud to offer our clients a limited noise guarantee: CEGEN guarantees that our equipment will perform as well as or better than our published performance tables, and/or your project will meet or exceed its noise targets based on vetted acoustical engineering and applicable regulations.* 

  • *Get in touch for more details.


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